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Bioplannet is a Bangalore based company that provided coaching and placement for medical professionals who want to work abroad. They possess the quality of experienced trainers and aptly consolidated study materials and provide coaching for licensure exams required by countries for aspiring oversees medical professionals
Bioplannet reviews – Overseas Doctors Jobs Consultant. Read BioPlannet reviews on Overseas Doctor Jobs Consultant, one of the best and suggested medicine doctors recruitment agency. pros, cons, dha, haad, moh, prometric coaching.
Since its inception in 2013, Bioplannet as a recruitment consultant has been placing medical professionals from India abroad. They also provide coaching and study materials required for every professional licensure exams laid out by each country and have placed over 1000 candidates in Middle East and western countries.
Looking for Top Radiologist in Koramangala Bengaluru. Book an instant appointment online with the best Radiologist Doctors in Koramangala practicing with Apollo Hospital, ranked among the best hospitals in Koramangala
Dr. Harshavardhan K. Hegde is one of the best Orthopedics and Spine surgeons in India having a huge experience of 28+ years. He specializes in Spine and Orthopedics Surgery, Joint Replacement Surgery in India.
Are you one of those who are very conscious about how you look, how you smell, and all the stuff like this? Yes, Bad foot odor is the problem that you might be noticing and are worried about since a long time.

Smelly foot often leaves a bad impression on everyone and so does makes you feel uncomfortable. But it’s not like you are only the one who is suffering from this, many people like you are worried about bad foot odor.
Healthcare analytics plays a pivotal role in determining the patient’s health, thus allowing remote care. If the patient’s blood pressure shows a massive rise or decline, the wearable will detect and send an alert to the app in the care giver’s phone, thus allowing the caregiver to take immediate and effective action. Such analytics helps in making informed decisions.
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Autism Center for Children - AM Reddy Autism Center is one of the India's leading center for Autism Treatment Center for Children produces encouraging results. ADD/ADHD is a common childhood behavioural disorder affecting the child ability to focus, organize and complete a task.
A crown is commonly called a cap. It may be thought of as a "cover" as it covers, or replaces, that part of the tooth seen in the mouth. A crown can be done when a tooth is either badly decayed or chipped, discoloured or mis-shaped
Skin allergy is the sensitiveness of the skin against a substance which doesn’t affect other people. The common factors which can cause skin allergies are overuse of cosmetic products,

Have you ever had this urge to scratch yourself soon after you met someone doing the same? Well, that’s not just you imitating it, it might be that you caught scabies.
Many who start with yoga are initially happy to get in so easily. For a yoga unit is initially hardly necessary equipment. But just when you get the taste and practice on a regular basis, there is some useful equipment that not only provides relief, but also contributes to a beautiful and consistent atmosphere in the chosen location for the yoga practice. This equipment includes the meditation mat.
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